50 Days Ablaze

Following Easter, we ask the question, “Christ is risen! What does that mean for us now?” The answer to that question comes in the mission responses, Learn, Pray, Give, Go, Tell, Send, and Celebrate. These mission responses are the focus of
“50 Days Ablaze,” an effort to grow as disciples who have God’s mission of sharing the love of Christ constantly on our minds.

How can you participate?  Consider committing to these four things:

 1) Attend worship each Sunday during this 50 day period. Each week we are going to focus on one of these mission responses in our worship.
2) Read the daily devotions ( These devotions were written by a friend of mine who serves as the Senior Pastor of St. Luke Lutheran Church in Cabot, Pennsylvania, Barry Keurulainen.)  We are trying to be good stewards of our resources. In that spirit, if you have an “e-reader” digital device such as an iPad or Kindle, a PDF of the entire 196 page devotional book is available at the following here.  If you don’t have a device, we are in the process of making paper versions for your use!  Please let someone in the church office know if you will need one!  Each day will focus on an aspect of the mission response of the week.
3) Join a small group and meet weekly during this 50 day period. See list here.
4) Pray for our congregation. Pray that we would let the Holy Spirit guide us in this process, and that each of us would grow in our desire to share the love
of our risen Lord with those we meet, and support those who do are carrying out the mission in special ways both in our community and around the world.
Worship. Devotion. Community. Prayer. Through these God grows us as His disciples!
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