The Old Rugged Cross

I have no words to express the thoughts going through my head. I am heartbroken for the families, the friends, the relatives, and the neighbors. What do you say when there are two devastatingly horrific acts of violence in one seven-day period. Over 30 lives lost. Over 30 lives that could have impacted thousands, if not millions of people, ended. This level of evil, this depravity, and wanton disregard for life disgust me. While I sit and ponder how someone…

March Sounds

Here is your March Sounds! It’s March and can you believe it? We are now a year into this pandemic, and I am sure you don’t need the reminder, but it was just the “other day” I came here to be interviewed… meaning last March. No way did we think this would last a year; masks and social distancing, and surely our plans would resume to “normal” quickly. Well, once again, we are reminded we are not in control, and here…

Winter Shelter 2020

As you might guess, due to the Corona virus, Laurel Winter Shelter is not operating as normal this year. There is no way to safely run the shelter in individual congregations. Under a county supported program with CCSI, our homeless friends are being housed at a hotel in Beltsville.