Congregational Assembly June 20th

Congregational Assembly June 20th


A note from the OSLC President, John McVey:

Hello OSLC, and may God’s richest blessings be upon you!

My name is John McVey, and I am presently speaking on behalf of the OSLC governance board in my capacity as the chair.  One of our duties is regular updates to the congregation as well as generally conducting congregational business, and accordingly the time has come for another Congregational Assembly.  We are gathering, both virtually and in person, on June 20th at 6:30 (and I apologize that I previously announced 6:00, mea culpa).

To all the re-registered and newly registered voting members, you are welcome to cast a ballot for the new governance board members during the morning and afternoon worship times on June 20th, and we will announce who the newly elected board members are during the assembly that evening.  We will also be discussing the state of affairs for OSLC, including upgrades to our facilities, updates to our technologies, and our way forward as we emerge from the other side of the pandemic, Praise be to God for that!

Further information will be coming soon via e-mails.

Voting Membership Registry Update

Due to these insane times, we have had a tremendously difficult time updating records, accessing older records, and the like, and an accurate list of the voting constituency has suffered accordingly.  Bluntly, it is in disarray.  In order to rectify this, and also to instantiate a way to allow for virtual meetings to continue while still following our present voting requirements, we are having people re-sign the consitution and bylaws, and asking that an e-mail address also be provided.  This way, the person who holds that e-mail address, and who has signed a document claiming that e-mail address, can vote remotely by way of that address.

If you are a signed member of OSLC, and wish to remain so, we encourage you to re-sign the constitution and bylaws; a board member will be in the way with the document each Sunday morning between now and the congegational assembly, and we will also provide Pastor Flahn documentation for the afternoon service.  If you are not a voting member, we encourage you to do so, and you can sign up on those same documents. The only requirement, beyond being a baptized member of OSLC, is that you read the constitution and the bylaws.  We will provide hardcopies of both at the sign up sheet, or you can read them online by clicking the buttons below.

We strongly encourage you to uphold the faith, and to do so locally by participating in leading this congregation, letting your voice be heard.

In the Father’s grace, manifest by Jesus’ salvation, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we thank you!


John McVey