Church Workday

22 Nov 2014 | 08:00 am - 03:00 pm

Please join us tomorrow to help us prepare our campus buildings and grounds for this upcoming joyous festival season!  Our Savior has a rich tradition of members devoting their own precious free time to maintaining our facilities. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know (fellowship with) each other, and by working together we save ourselves the very significant costs of having to hire contractors to do the work.

When I was a park ranger, Anita and I lived in a primitive cabin where we had to heat with wood. The old saying about heating with wood is it warms you twice. I’d say it warms you three times or more – cutting, hauling, splitting, stacking, and burning.

Your service tomorrow is your chance to warm your church as well as yourselves multiple times, including the warmth of fellowship now, the warmth of knowing that the money you save the church can be devoted to ministry instead of maintenance, and the warmth of celebrating the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons in a warmer, brighter, cleaner building and surrounding grounds.

Here is what is “on our plate” for tomorrow. If you see somewhere where you (and/or your family or friends) could serve your Lord, please email me so we know what time of day to expect you and so we can plan to have things ready to go for you when you arrive.

Pastor’s Priorities for this workday are painting/furniture moving, ‘back yard’ cleanup, light bulb changing, and ceiling tile replacements.

Painting – Some rooms haven’t been repainted in over 20 years! Now is the time, particualry since a generous donor is providing new furniture for some of the rooms. We need a furniture moving team of 3-4 people to show up at 8 am sharp to help move out furniture so the painting teams can get started. We need several 3-4 person painting teams – one for Church Office and supply closet, one for the old library, one for the fellowship hall restrooms, and one for touchups around the building including the main vestibule. Ideally we need a paint prep team of a person or two to come in today or tonight and caulk and spackle the Fellowship Hall restrooms. Finally, it will be too cold tomorrow to accomplish our main painting goal of priming the new storage shed in back, but if you and a friend happen have free time on Monday or Tuesday or when the temperatures will be in the 50s or 60s, we could use your shed painting team then.

If you want to be on one of these painting teams, please reply and let us know whether or not you’ll be bringing your own brushes or rollers or not – we have some but want to make sure we have enough.

Windows – We need at least four 2-3 person window washing teams. We need to fouces on the Open Arms outside windows and the Fellowship Hall and Nursery outside windows; with the Lords help we intend to do ALL outside windows other than the Sanctuary Cross window, which has already been done. We have squeegees, buckets, rags, and cleaning solutions. Please dress to be able to stay warm and dry.

Grounds – We need two grounds teams of 3-4 people – one to focus on the two playgrounds in our back yard, mostly raking and bagging leaves and some pruning, and one to focus on removing leaves and dead plants from the front entrance. A litter patrol is also needed to sweep all of the grounds.

High Grounds – get a more heavenly perspective on OSLC’s grounds by serving on the gutter cleaning and tree pruning team. You’ll climb OSLC’s secret ladder to get to the roof. Not for the acrophobic.

Carpentry / Ceiling tiles – We need three 2-person ceiling tile teams to repaint or replace ceiling tiles, one in the church sacristy area, one in the conference room and cherub choir area, and one in the Open Arms classrooms (7) and hallways.

We also need carpentry skills to build 3 replacement toilet tank covers, storage shelving in our storage shed, storage shelving in other closets including the OACCDC health rooms and the conference room closet, and someone to adjust door closers and lube noisy door hinges.

Plumbing – we need a water conservation person to take care of water-wasting leaky faucets (OACCDC ROOMS 2, 5, and toilet tank flappers. Will train.

Electrical – we need two 2 person light bulb changing teams, one for Open Arms (using an 8’ step ladder and one for the Fellowship Hall and Library (using a 12’ step ladder). We also need people to replace ballasts and lights fixtures, both inside and out (OACCDC 1B, file room) and fix a phone jack falling off the wall in the Multipurpose room annex.

Organizers – We need you! = a 2-3 person team needed to cleanup the old furnace room and the OACCDC art room.

Questions? Please email me, as I’ll be in and out a lot today finishing up workday preparations. Thanks!

May God richly bless you, today and always.

Richard Libengood
Campus Administrator

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