Good Friday Worship Home Instructions

Home Preparation for Good Friday Worship Service

In preparation for the live stream Good Friday Worship Service, you are encouraged to prepare some items in advance so that the worship service may be more meaningful for your family.

If you were able to participate in the Maundy Thursday Worship Service on Thursday evening, you stripped your table as the pastors stripped the altar bare in the sanctuary. This is to remind us of the bareness of life without the hope of Christ that we have through His death on Good Friday and His resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.
Before the live stream at 7:30 pm, set up your computer. Have a bare table set up with a cross (free standing on the table or on a nearby wall), a Christ candle, and the Holy Bible. You may want to lower lights, creating a somber mood in preparation for the message of the Good Friday service. If you have votives, small candles, or battery-operated candles at home, you may want to have up to 10 on the table. Light the candles before the service begins and then extinguish (one at a time) following the scripture readings as they are read by the pastors. The Christ candle remains lighted.

At the specified time near the end of the service, open your Bible to the book of Psalms. When the pastor slams the Bible (on the altar) shut in recognition of Christ’s death on the cross, have a member of the family slam your Bible shut. This reminds us of the finality of death and the stone being rolled into place to close the tomb. Reflect on the light of the Christ candle as you sit quietly or leave the room in silence, reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us through His death on the cross.

Because of what Jesus has done for each of us, we are assured of the forgiveness of our sins, eternal life with Him, and salvation. Thanks be to God!

Join us on Saturday evening at 7:30 pm for the Easter Vigil Worship Service.

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