• 9:40  Fellowship Hall. Beginning January 14, Tom Nape leads a study on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  Alongside the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ is “the greatest mystery in heaven and on earth” (Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, VIII 33). How He who is almighty God from all eternity could also become a man like us is indeed a mystery far too deep for the human mind to understand fully. Yet this deep mystery of the incarnation has enormous practical value for the Christian life. A Study of the Incarnation will help open up the wonder of the incarnation to you, that you may draw strength for your faith and daily life.


  • 9:40   John Conference Room: Beginning January 21 Interested in learning more about the ministries of Our Savior Lutheran Church and what we believe?  Join Tina McGuffey for an adult orientation and new member class  at both 9:30am and 11:00 am.   For more informa­tion  please contact Tina McGuffey at 301-776-7670, ext 512 or tina@oslclaurel.org.


  • 11:00 Fellowship Hall. Join Art Marshall as he facilitates the Lutheran Hour Study titled “Explaining All The Scary Stuff In Revelation.”  “Nobody said demons, plagues, and an appointment with Armageddon would be fun, but it doesn’t have to be feared-at least not for the Christian. Check out this  study which gives both insight-and encouragement to those who follow “the bright Morning Star.”



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