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Mission Trip Dinner and Presentation:  Please join us on Saturday, Feb 27, at 5:30 pm as the Mission Team provides a simple dinner and report of their trip.  Come see the pictures they took; listen to the unique experiences of team members.  Please bring a dessert to share.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase the tin artwork that supports the Haitian artisans.

Mission Day 8-9:
After an overnight in Miami, the team experienced the most frustrations of the journey.  Although everyone had a new connection out of Miami to either Reagan National or BWI, everyone’s flights were delayed and/or cancelled and rebooked yet again.  Thankfully everyone was home in bed by 3:30 am Wednesday!  Praising God for what He has done.  It was an awesome week despite the homeward bound hassle!
Mission Day 7:
Return to the USA!   The adventure is not over yet.  Due to weather, our flight to DCA was cancelled.   Thanks to the hard work of Tina McGuffey, we all have return flights either Tuesday or Wednesday.   Also, Tina was able to find the team rooms at the La Quinta Airport in Miami.   Please continue to pray for safe return, and for the ongoing mission of the Village of Hope in Haiti.   We hope to see you all soon.
Mission Day 6:
We attended an American/Hatian Worship service,  It was very uplifting.   Afterwards we returned to Hope House for an American style cookout.   In the afternoon, we ventured out to view the Earthquake memmorial.  It’s not yet complete, but very moving and powerful.   The memorial is on the site of the largest mass grave in Port au Prince.  Thousands are buried there.    On the hillside above are the homesteads of many former tent city dwellers.   Sorrow and resilience all at once.

Mission Day 5:

Today we had the opportunity to see another side of Haiti.  Our hosts, Rob and Trish, brought us up to a Baptist mission on the mountain top.   It was beautiful.   The mission has been in place for 50 years, and the good they have brought to community is evident everywhere.  Tomorrow we will attend Rob and Trish’s church.   Many other American missionaries and Haitians worship there.  Trish shared with us earlier today how important it is for them to go and get filled up, so they can go out and serve.
Mission Day 4: 
We visited the Village of Hope School — the heart of the mission.     We attended Kindergarten opening and gym class, and led a valentine’s day craft with the preschool and kindergarten classes.   A few of us also attended the chapel with the upper elementary kids.   We also had lunch with kids, a meal of rice and beans on Frisbees.     Afterwards more painting at the Health Clinic.  It was vaccination day, and there many babies for our team to coo over.
Mission Day 3
IMG_1318 IMG_1310 IMG_1300 IMG_1293 IMG_1291 IMG_1277 IMG_1275  IMG_1267We woke IMG_1270up this morning to rain.   It was sorely needed and we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for rain.  Of couarse  VBS was amazing,  the kids loved it, the adults loved it.   We went to a village that VOH had never been to before.  First time for everyone .   Our vehicle did get stuck, but all was remedied.   Then we painted at the VOH Health Clinic.   Internet connection has been spotty.   We may not be able to write tomorrow.  Know we are thinking fondly of all of you.  May God bless you richly, as he has us.
IMG_1282Mission Day 2
 We visited the Little Children of Jesus orphanage.  It was hard to see these handicapped children.  We helped feed and bathe them, cleaned mattresses and played with the kids.   They IMG_1281are well cared for, but starved for attention.  This is because there are so many of them, and the needs are so great.  Some members of our team were helping with the laundry.   94 kids, who go through two changes of clothes and one set of sheets per day — and it’s all done by hand.   A goal of ours now is to raise money for 4 washing machines for LCJ.
IMG_1247Then we had lunch in the van outside the tin shops and went shopping.  Liz Demik had a huge list of pre-orders, and we tried to fill as many as we could, and bring a few treasures home besides it was great fun

Mission Day 1:  Tuesday, Feb 9:  We have arrived, Praise God!    The morning started with snow and concerns whether our flight would be delayed, but clearly the Lord wanted us to make that connecting flight in Miami.   Village of Hope Staff was on hand to meet us in Port au Prince and help us navigate the collecting of our 1200 lbs+ of luggage.  Then we rode though Port au Prince, and Liz Demik pointed out many of the local sites.

IMG_3218Upon arrival at Hope House, we were warmly greeted by the directors Rob & Trish and their puppy Touro.     The afternoon was spent unpacking and sorting all the supplies, and prepping goody bags and crafts for VBS on Thursday.    Trish prepared a delicious dinner and we concluded the evening with Devotions.    Tomorrow we’ll visit the LCJ Orphanage, and the tin shops.    Thank you all so much for your prayers.

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