July Sounds

Here is your July Sounds!

I don’t remember much of my grandmother – she was a “patriotic” woman, traditional, and quite straightforward. One thing I do remember my Grandmother always saying was- “freedom isn’t really free”. She had stickers with this phrase plastered on them and she had them everywhere. I used to stare at the one she put on my window and just ponder this phrase. Truly I struggled – I want you to picture a 7-year-old girl staring at the word freedom wondering why would that not mean free?! Isn’t that the whole point, the word is in the name itself! I thought maybe I forgot to pay someone, or that payment would be due soon… 

Of course, as I got older I realized that yes, indeed, a payment was needed, but it was not I who paid. On days like Juneteenth and the fourth of July we rejoice in the freedom we do have, but also remember those who did make the way for it, even gave their lives – “freedom isn’t really free”. (See where I am going with this…)

I think we all know the freedom that countries offer is far from perfect freedom – no matter how great the country might be. But, we do know of perfect freedom, one that required no payment of our own, one that was paid-in-full by another. The greatest victory of this eternal war was won at Calvary – at the cross. We remember the one who paid it all – all so that the shackles of others would break so that we could be free, “freedom isn’t free”. Now my friends we get to share in this perfect freedom! It is yours! Take it and share it, proclaiming the good news, and Jesus will break the shackles off of all who come. We have nothing to give, we have nothing to offer, but we have everything to receive.
 “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners.”
Isaiah 61:1

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Ever in His Grace,
Hannah Gillrup
Director or Church Ministries
June Sounds