Liberia Mission- 2024

Liberia Mission- 2024

Pray for our team (Pastor Flahn, Dana, Martha, and Mary) as they serve in Liberia for a week.

Day 1: Martha writes

We’ve made it safely with ALL our luggage and no problems! Beautiful Flights! An hour drive from the airport to Pastor Flahn’s house. We enjoyed wonderful meal of rice with fish & chicken pepper stew. Now we are sorting thought all the luggage to take what we need for 4 days of ministry in Buchanan/Flahntown. See pics below.

Day 3: Martha writes: The morning began after a wonderful night’s sleep at Pastor Flahn’s house (although some people say there was a terrible storm in the night which I slept straight through!) We enjoyed fresh made sweet rolls from the bakery, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal. Then we packed our bags and loaded up the car to head to Monrovia to pick up some needed items. On our way to Buchanan, I heard a sound coming from the back tire. God IS Good! It happened right as were about to pass a tire repair on the side of the road!!!. The tire had a large metal object and a very sharp stone lodged inside. Praise God! They were able to repair the tire and we were back on the road again. As we just crossed into Grand Bassa (where Pastor Flahn grew up), Able sensed another problem with the vehicle. He suspected the brakes! We pulled over (perhaps 5-6 miles from the school in Flahntown), Pastor Flahn made some calls for someone to send a brake specialist. We prayerfully waited in the car until assistance arrived. But God had other plans for VBS Outreach today! We saw a few children come out to see what was going on so we decided to read some Bible stories with them. A pastor, Mrs. Flahn’s brother and a few other men, arrived on two Pehn-Pehns (motorcycles) with a rice sack full of tools! We continued to sing songs with the children, acted out the Easter Story, and colored pictures with the children. A man named Isaac came with a machete and some fresh coconuts! He cut them right there and served them to us. Praise God! The men restored the vehicle! Then I broke my shoe! We had run out of time in our day to make it to Flahntown so we headed back to the Z Plaza hotel for a wonderful fish meal prepared by a Pastor friend’s wife. Devotions, Praise and Prayer and then ready for bed. Not the day we had planned, but God IS Good! All the time! All things work our for good. To God be the glory. See pics below.

Day 4: Martha writes: Praise God! He IS Good! It took some time, a lot of skill from our fabulous driver and prayer-but we made it up the road to Flahntown today!!! We crossed safely over both bridges that were constructed last visit and noticed one was in need of repair (more about that later). When we arrived, the children were singing with such JOY!!! It was sweet to hear their praises to our Great God! We enjoyed lunch with the children followed by VBS! We had prayers, singing, a Bible story about God’s Love for us in sending Jesus our Savior to die for us to forgive all of our sins (John 3:16 & the story of Christ’s Crucifixion). VBS was wonderful! The children were so happy with everything. After VBS we walked to the school foundation. When we got there, we were absolutely AMAZED to see their speedy progress!!! God is Good! Back to the palava hut to sing and receive e our blessing. Then time to take some of the villagers with us to repair the bridge (miles away). God showed His strength and power in getting the truck up the hills and out of the deep ruts. PRAISE GOD!!!! We did have to get out and walk a few times to be sure the truck would make it… and it did!!! It was quite and experience to walk some of the same road that Pastor Flahn used to walk as a child to get to school! And the same road his wife, Marie and their two oldest children WALKED to escape the revolution! What an experience! So much joy & many blessings today! Our hears are so full!!! We were exhausted upon returning home to another home-cooked meal. Please pray for our safe travels to and from Flahntown in these next few days.

Day 5 (Friday) Martha writes: Sorry not to write, Friday but know that God is Good! Praise God for 4-wheel drive!!! We made it to Flahntown with NO problem!!! We had a wonderful morning with a special liturgical dance presentation by Mary and VBS about Jesus’s Resurrection. After lunch, Pastor Flahn and I led the children in a fun time with balloons and the parachute, while Aaron and Able hid Easter Eggs outside. We used the eggs to reinforce that the tomb was empty…He is Risen! While we had fun hunting eggs, Mary and Dana led the teenagers in a session and then had a self-care session with the ladies. Pastor Flahn led a meeting with the town elders. It was a fabulous day that ended with another delicious meal of lobster, rice and fresh-picked mangoes!

Day 6 (Saturday) Work at Flahntown was competed and then there was a closing celebration where the team was honored with beautiful African attire. Pastor Flahn writes: ” We are doing well and God is showing up in all our ministry sessions. The village residents including the Elders, are so excited to receive us here. Thanks for all your prayers.”

Day 7 ( Sunday) The team returned to Monrovia and had wonderful Spirit-filled worship at New Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church. Later they enjoyed fun and fellowship with family and friends with some of their VBS crafts at the Flahn house. See pics below.