Pastor Peter DeMik

Pastor Peter DeMik

Senior Pastor Peter DeMik

Joined the OSLC staff on (start date): July of 2001 came on board as Associate Pastor, and called to serve as Senior Pastor in April of 2014.

Role on Team (basic job description):  I herd cats.  Seriously I care about people growing in their faith in the Lord, and want each person to use their gifts to further the Kingdom of God.  I see my role as enabling the staff to carry out that mission of equipping the saints for their work so that the Kingdom can grow!

Where did you grow up, or where are you originally from?

I grew up in Arlington, Virginia where I went to Our Savior Lutheran Church and school.

What can you tell us about your immediate family (Names? Number of kids?)

My college sweetheart Michelle, and I were married in July of 1997. She knew me well before I was Pastor Peter, and is an incredible blessing to me in my ministry.  Together we have three kids, Allison, Matthew, and Nathan.

What do you enjoy about your work? 

I love preaching God’s Word, teaching, visiting, connecting with people; building relationships with them, and challenging them to grow.

Something unique about me is:

I have led a Servant Event for youth and their adult leaders in Garrett County, Maryland each year since 2003 (aside for 2020 due to pandemic).

What are your hobbies? 

I love watching movies, building, and fixing things.  I find joy in making music on the saxophone, guitar, or piano.  I love the outdoors and playing sports like pickup basketball, football, running, and golf.

What is your favorite Bible Verse/Book of the Bible, and why? 

Isaiah 43:1-7 gives me the assurance that when we are tested and tried we can be sure that our living God does not abandon us, but remains with us, Emmanuel.  Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 28:20:  “I will be with you, always…”  As we all head into the mission field through the challenges of daily life, I find that promise is a source of great strength.

Associate Pastor
Pastor J. Orlando Flahn