Saturday Easter Vigil Worship Preparations

The Easter Vigil worship service is a beautiful Worship Service that moves from the somber death of Jesus on Good Friday to His glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. Since we will not be able to experience this service with each other in the sanctuary, you are encouraged to prepare for the service in advance of the live stream at 7:30 pm by gathering the following items for use during the service.

*Fire (outside in a fire pit or an inside candle, we’ll call this candle the “Christ” candle. Note: If you have a fire, you’ll still need a “Christ” candle to bring inside.)
* “Christ” candle
*Additional Candle/candle holder for each participant (Baptismal candles, if you have them)
*Free standing cross on table or on a nearby wall
*Holy Bible
*Bowl of water

In another room or under cover have these items ready to add to your table:

*Flowers (potted plants, cut flowers from yard or artificial flowers in vase)
*Tablecloth, plates, tableware in preparation for Easter morning meal
*The cup/s and plate you will use for Holy Communion.

As the Easter Vigil service is live streamed, you will be given prompts to use these items throughout the service.
Following the Easter Vigil service, rejoice in the coming dawn of Easter and join the joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday by live streaming a Worship Service at 10am
Thanks be to God for the gift of His son, Jesus!

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