Small Group Communion Worship

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are preparing for gathering together once again for in-person worship opportunities. However, at this time, we are out of extreme caution and care for one another and our neighbors and in accordance with the civil authorities, only gathering in groups of 25 for a brief Service of Confession and Absolution with Holy Communion. These services will be ongoing beginning Sunday, June 21 at 12pm and 12:45pm. Please do not arrive earlier then 10 minutes prior to your scheduled service time. With each 25-person service, we will be able to serve 50 people each Sunday. While we know this is not an ideal situation we are moving forward with this plan out of extreme caution and care. We are asking for grace and understanding in this phased reopening process as we make all preparations to open more fully in the coming weeks.

Please watch a brief video we have prepared for you to know what to expect!  YouTube link for Communion Service

Why Do I Need To Sign Up?
In order for us to keep our numbers to safe levels, we ask that everyone sign up through the following link.  This will help us also to be responsible should someone report an illness.  We ask that initially each family only sign up for one time slot to allow for others to sign up.  Should there be more room, you may sign up for a second slot the following week.  Please Click Here to Sign Up.

What to Expect if You Attend:

Please remember to bring your face covering with you and prepare to wear your face covering at all times will in the building. Please also remember to maintain appropriate social distancing.

  • As you enter the campus, please, park in the front of the building and enter through the main doors. There will be a hospitality member at the main entrance guiding you through the entry into the building. You will not need to physically open the door due to safety concerns.
  • Upon entrance into the building you will be asked to use hand sanitizer located in The Way. After this you will be asked to walk to the next available blue line (marked on the floor by blue tape) which extend from the lobby into The Way. Each of these blue lines is space 6 feet apart to maintain and follow the guidelines for proper social distancing. When the service begins another hospitality member will provide instructions for entering the Sanctuary.
  • As you enter the Sanctuary please fill in the pews from the front to the back of the space. If you attend the 12 pm service please sit in the pews with the red marker. If you attend the 12:45 pm service please sit in the pews with the blue marker.
  • The Pastor leading the service will give directions for receiving communion as well as exiting the sanctuary at the completion of the service. Please remember to wear a mask throughout the service with the exception of receiving Holy Communion.


What to Expect if You are Unable to Attend:

  • With all the uncertainty with COVID-19 and the risk associated with the virus we understand that you and your loved ones may determine that it is safer to remain at home. While we wish we could all safely gather together we affirm and support your decision to be cautious. This is why as we begin the phased reopening we are not going to change our current livestream of the service nor will the other online fellowship and Bible Study opportunities change. While changes to these online opportunities may change as restrictions are lifted, we will continue to offer the livestream even when the current pandemic has ended.
  •  If you would like to partake in communion in a smaller gathering because you are high risk or unable to attend, please let the pastoral staff know so that we can make arrangements with you.
  •  Please know that we are praying for you and waiting in hopeful anticipation for the day when we can all gather together in-person.


What to Expect in the Future

This phased re-opening plan has been developed for your protection and for the protection of every member of the family at Our Savior and all her guests. Please be considerate and loving. We are sure there will be adjustments as time progresses. Depending on the health of our State, County and community, the plans for Phase 2 could expand in scope or become less restrictive in the weeks and months to come. Be patient. May God help us, keep us, and protect us as we move to re-open Our Savior.

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