Sunday Worship Services

Whether it is through music, prayer, or preaching, God’s word is at the center of all of our gatherings. Our services include a time of prayer, preaching, the Lord’s Supper, and giving, about 60 minutes long. The sermons are built on God’s Word, not the pastor’s ideas, and aim at transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

Unity Sunday One Worship Service

Worship with us at 10 am for Unity Sunday! Followed by our meal celebration Don’t come to the 8:15 service this Sunday.  Don’t come to the 10:45 service.  Don’t think about coming to the 1:30 pm service. Instead, come for the 10:00 a.m. service!  One congregation, One body, One family, One worship service at 10 am in our sanctuary.  We recently celebrated the Day of Pentecost, when God poured out His Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus, transforming them…

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Join us at 7 pm for our Thanksgiving Eve service! Following the service, there will be lots of pie in the fellowship hall and a chance to connect with others! Bring your friends and family that may have come to visit for the holiday – all are welcome! Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Feel free to bring your own pie to share!